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Duty of a Leader is to serve the people-Rebia


Minister (Land Management, Urban Development, Law & Justice) Nabam Rebia said that the first important work of an elected and any leader is to serve their people. He was addressing  a part of relief distribution programme for the families effected in the  cyclone hit the area in last month.

Rebia said Government cannot fully pay the total damaged caused as for it there would be requirement of more fund but the government in considering its fund provision and liability to the people have managed whatever have been possible as a help in way of relief,

Rebia said that a total of 111 victims were benefited which were paid through cheque ranging from three thousand to fifty thousand. A total of Rupees 13,58,936 was distributed. Any case which may have any disputes were to be resolved through Capital DC within a day to two. He said that the case of School and Aganwadi Centre will be taken care of shortly for which he requested the DC Capital to provide proposal to the government.

DC, Itanagar Capital Complex Prince Dhawan in his address said that it is an effort from the government to provide a relief which would not fulfil all the required need, but whatever have been possible was being provided today. It was also possible as the Minister Rebia persuasion for early distribution. He directed ADC, Itanagar to pursue the matter of government institution and also to resolved few complaints of relief distribution within latest by Monday.

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