Covid-19 Scare: Lockdown in Arunachal Pradesh begins

The screening will continue even the state is lockdown.


In the wake of the growing threat from coronavirus ( COVID-19  ), the “lockdown” across all over state has began from today  evening and will continue till midnight of March 31. the decision taken by the state govt in view of growing coronavirus.

Terming the lockdown decision taken by the state government as a good and is a best weapon to fight against the deadly Coronavirus (Covid-19). All section of society should follow the state govt and remain safe and unaffected by the virus,  Said Capital SP Tumme Amo.

Amo alongwith Capital Deputy Commissioner Komkar Dulom and Capital DMO Dr. Mandip Perme with other officials today take stock of the screening being carried by the medical staffs at various locations  of capital complex and Papum Pare district.

DC while talking to media said that the time has come and all has to perform their duty and responsibility  in fight against the outbreak of Coronavirus which has been widely spreading across  several country of the world.

To stop its impact the Arunachal Pradesh state government has been doing its best effort and taken various precautionary measures and issued various guidelines and advisory for the welfare of the people.

We can fight with Coronavirus, by observing several guidelines and advisory.  He urge upon all to abide the order, guidelines and advisory issued by the authorities so that we can save ourselves.

The lockdown start from today 5 PM till March 31 midnight where all modes of commercial transport shall remain off the road. All shopping mall, shopping complex, parks, Restaurants and places where more than 10 people are found are closed as a precautionary measures. Amo said.

We are here at Hollongi Check gate and witnessing our childrens studying outside state and educating them to remain safe by staying at home and self quarantine so that all the members of the family also remain safe and secure,  Amo said.

All essential places including shops selling grocery items, vegetables, meats and others are exempted from the preview of the order. Capital Police is installing barricade and nakas and checkpoints in entire capital complex to  impose the order. All citizens and capital denizens are requested to abide the law. He said.

Stay at home and don’t call or invite guest at home until further advisory of the health dept and administration. Do not enter home without cleaning your hands and change the cloths and do not hug your children before cleaning yourself.  Do not share your mobile to anyone for safety measures. Amo added.

Till last night around Sixty Nine thousand persons has been screens at various check points, check gates, Railway station and Helipad. SP further said.

This fight is a small but with this Coronavirus is deadly, ‘to win the battle against Coronavirus (Covid-19)  we need to stay at home, stay safe and secure’. Amo further added.

Capital District Medical Officer, Dr. Manip Perme said that we have been following the advisory of the health deptt. The students coming from outside state are being advice to remain at home and self quarantine and their names and addressed are being taken so that the deptt will make surveillance at the same time all these students and other are advice to visit at health centre if they need any help and support. Dr. Perme.

More than 60 person has been advice for home quarantine. The screening will continue even the state is lockdown. So far no sample for testing has been taken in the capital complex. DMO said.

He urge upon all to stay home and remain safe. Maintain cleanliness and hygiene even if they are anyplace. Use mask and clean hands as much as one can. Dr. Perme further added.


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