COVID–19 positive patient is in isolation,  No need to panic- says doctors

The patient does not have any symptoms we have kept him in isolation ward, under strict 24x7 vigil.



One of the six people who have tested COVID-19 positive will get better on his own and there is no need for Lohit citizen to panic about the viral outbreak, says Dr S Towang,  District Surveillance Officer Zonal Hospital Tezu.

The patient does not have any symptoms we have kept him in isolation ward, under strict 24×7 vigil. Also the case is not referral in nature. He is 32 years old and in 100% of recovery state.

“It would have been most dangerous if we failed to detect him. Our medical services immediately swung into action to locate and quarantined the patient and his five other family members.

After the test report  of the five members are reported negative, but they are still quarantined at Parsuram Kund lodge”, discloses Dr Towang further.

The DSO also appeals the public of Lohit district to dissuade away from playing blame games among each other and repose full faith on medical department.

While expressing his first experiences, Dr UK Nath SMO who is the first doctor attending duty as per the roster said the patient has mind cough and accordingly  we have prescribed cough syrup and vitamins.

Till no symptom is detected but when patient becomes serious it’s very difficult to cope with the situation.

We don’t have adequate facilities to address this sort of situation. Without training and other required faculties we are struggling with unforeseen situation”, rules Dr Nath. Other Dr S Ansari UNANI dept attending shift wise day and night till 10 days.

The doctors also urgently felt to shift the patient to TRIHMS, alone medical college of the state which has been designated for COVID – 19 positive case.


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