Coronavirus (COVID-19) status in India: Cases rise to 4281, 111 death

704 new cases were reported in the past 24 hours, according to the Union Health Ministry.

New Delhi

Coronavirus (COVID-19) status in India: The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in India climbed to 4281 and the death toll rose to 111 on Monday after 704 new cases were reported in the past 24 hours, according to the Union Health Ministry.

While the active cases in India are 3,962, around 319 people have either been discharged or migrated, the Union ministry added.

As per the presently available data, an analysis of total confirmed cases has presented the following distribution:

  • Gender distribution:
    • 76% are male
    • 24% are female
  • Age distribution:
    • 47% people – below 40 years age group
    • 34% people – between 40 to 60 years age group
    • 19% people – 60 and above age group

Following observations are made while analysing the reported 109 deaths due to COVID-19:

  • Gender distribution:
    • 73% are male
    • 27% are female
  • Age distribution:
    • 63% deaths reported for elderly people (60 and above)
    • 30% deaths reported for people between 40 to 60 years
    • 7% deaths reported for people below 40 years

As of now, 86% death cases have exhibited comorbidity related to diabetes, chronic kidney issues, hypertension and heart related problems. Although 19% confirmed cases have been reported among the elderly, since 63% deaths have been observed among them, elderly people form a high risk population. Further, though 37% deaths are reported from people below 60 years, approximately, 86% of deaths amongst people with co-morbidities indicate that young people with co-morbidities are also at high risk of COVID-19.


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