Chindang Festival- Khandu Greets to Sajolang Community


Chidang-Festival-2Chief Minister Pema Khandu has conveyed greetings and best wishes on the auspicious occasion of Chindang festival to the people of Sajolang community.

Joining people of the Sajolang community, basically residing in West Kameng district of the state, on the joyous festival of harvest, the Chief Minister expressed optimism that the celebration would appease the evil spirits to refrain from causing harm to the crops and the people, which in fact is the basic objective of the festival.

“As we make offerings to the mountains, rivers, Sun and Moon and seek their blessings, let us all pray for the well-being of humankind and a good harvest. Let us also offer prayers to resist the evil spirits from entering the villages and cause harm to the people and domestic animals,” the Chief Minister said in a message this evening.

He pointed that each and every festival of the state, which are as distinctive as the communities, have the same objective of peace, prosperity and wellbeing of all sentient beings.

“Let’s celebrate our festivals with traditional gaiety and work for a peaceful and prosperous Arunachal,” the Chief Minister added.