Both Hanging and Motarable Bridge Over Pachin River are on Card -Pul


Chief Minister Kalikho Pul has announced the Construction of Both Hanging and Motarable Bridge over the Pachin river at Village Jullang, where 9 years old girl Tarh Peeju lost her life while saving her two friends who was drowned in the river water.  Mr Chief minister has made this announcement after visiting the incident site early this morning . Chief minister also announced that this hanging bridge will be dedicated to Tarh Peeju, the brave little Girl.

Chief Minister after making thorough survey of the river course and considering the importance of connectivity of the villages across the Pachin River also announced to construct a Motorable Permanent Bridge over the Pachin River, some 2-3 km from the to be constructed hangging bridge site in the upper stream which will connect Gomi and Gote Villages and the agricultural fields situated across the river.

Chief Minister has  instructed the Executive Engineer (PWD), Tana Nekam Tara, Capital Division (B), who was also present on the occasion, to prepare DPR for the hanging bridge, Permanent Motorable Bridge and the approach roads to these bridges and to submit the DPR within one month. He also instructed the Engineer to immediately repair the existing hanging bridge over the river which is in poor condition.

Anchal Samiti Member of Jollang Panchayat, Biri Rupa Nabum apprised the Chief Minister about the urgency of the bridges and thanks the Chief Minister for his visit and the assurance. She said that his visit is the first time for any Chief Minister of the state in the area.

Chief Minister also instructed to the officials to  stop the illegal quarrying at back side of Central Jail causing that the river is changing its course day by day eroding the nearby land. Even  the Protection Wall of the Central Jail is in danger of collapse. Mr Chief Minister warned officials of strict action, if quarrying is not stop immediately in the site.

Jullang Lake should Develop as Tourist Place

Pul-visited-Jullang-LakeChief Minister accompanied by Joram Beda, Secretary Planning and Tourism also visited a Lake at Jullang, located opposite of Art of Living Centre. He lauded the initiative taken by Tarh Hari, Executive Engineer of Hydro Power, who is a local resident of the area, in his efforts to maintain and develop the lake into a Tourist Resort.

Chief Minister opined that the Lake and its adjoining area provides a scope to be developed in to a beautiful Tourist Resort. He asked the Secretary Planning and Tourism to proposed a scheme to develop the Lake into a Tourist Resort.

He instructed that there should be provision for Cafeteria, Rest House, Tourist Huts made from local bamboo/materials with finishing touch to look attractive, Parking lots, etc.

 Mr Chief Minister also advised to plant more trees on the hills so as to look it naturally beautiful and also protect the hills from sliding. He suggested that Huts should be built at the hill top and plateau which will provide a better view and to attract more tourists.

He also instructed to compulsorily provide to wear life saving jackets while boating in the lake and also to keep swimming experts in readiness all the time to deal with any eventualities.

He further instructed the Secretary, Planning and Tourism to prepare and submit a proposal along with the DPR for approach road.

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