Atum Welly hits on BR Wage for fraud and cheating


By Manoj Singh 

Former Minister and one of the BJP ticket seeker for bye election to 12th Pakke Kessang Assembly constituency in East Kameng district Atum Wely today spark severe allegation and charges  of cheating and fraud against the present BJP candidate BR Wage. However BJP Candidate Biyuram Wage when contacted refuted and said that Welly making allegation against him out of frustration.

In the  press conference held at Arunachal Press club here today Atum Welly a senior political leader and former Minister who have been MLA from other assembly constituency of district and have been in BJP for quite some time and got BJP party ticket during 2014  and due to many reason his candidature was not successful and gone to litigation and later he win the case and the bye election to the Assembly election was announced recently, but owing to heavy downpour and landslide and severe weather forecast and recommendation of state government the election have been suspended and date may be announced later on.

Atum Welly said that ‘during 2014 assembly election  I joined BJP to contest assembly election from 12th Pakke kessang (ST) assembly election’ for getting party ticket he was directed to meet Biyu Ram Wage for necessary formalities as he was the General Secretary of the BJP state Unit. When meet Wage he ask donation for the party fund of an amount of Rs, 300000/- Thirty lakh.

Welly on other hand understood that that it would a be goodwill gesture for the party activities but due to financial constraint it was reduced to Rs, 1500000/- Fifteen lakh and after he provided his individual account number of Itanagar Vijaya Bank No-88010101101800, and fifteen lakh was further transfer through a firm M/S MNW Enterprises of his wife Meni Welly, Naharlagun by way of RTGS from account No-31060541198 on 15 March 2014.

Welly said that the above transaction was done in the good faith by which it would be come to some work of party activities for the cause of nation building but it come to light when he meet  BJP Party President Tapir Gao for party ticket for the bye election of the Pakke Kessang in first part of the July and astonished that there is no traditional practice of any party fund asking for any purpose from any probable candidate and sought complain in this regard.  Welly said then after meeting Tapir Goa he come to know about that the huge amount of money which was transferred to his account was not delivered to the party and he was cheated and Bage have committed fraud with him, he lamented.

In this connection a complaint was submitted to the BJP Party President Tapir Goa and on his direction the same complaint was given to Chief Minister Pema Khandu on same day on July 6. After this complain was also sent to BJP state Incharge Ajay Jambali at Guwahati, NEDA Convenor Himanta Bishwa sarma and later to BJP National President Amit Shah office at New Delhi and even after passing of more than 15 days no action have been taken against BR Bage rather he have been given with the BJP Party ticket to contest assembly election form the said Assembly constituency which is under suspension Welly said.

Welly said that I was not willing to raise the issue anywhere but after passing of so many days and no action taken from the party forum so he finding no option but filed a complaint at Itanagar Police Station today and express his sentiment to the media and focusing the deeds of Wage in the eye of public Well said.

When asked about any approval for press conference  on the issue as he is a party leader, Welly said that he have been maintaining party discipline but after so many complaint no action have been taken so I have file complaint to the Itanagar Police Station today.

When asked about corruption free and transparency Welly said that who did corruption I cant say I have not bribed but I show all document is a transparency.

When asked about as he is complaining and raising the issue when he was not given the BJP Party ticket for the ensuing election Welly said that the complain was submitted before I have applied for party ticket and it is the not the matter of giving ticket to me or someone and I complained as and when I come to know about that I have been cheated by BR Wage in the name of donation to BJP.

When asked about timing of complain since he too is a candidate for the by-election and would affect the political campaign of the party and he may be given party ticket, Welly said that people may think but he was unaware of the donation issue for last three years. Recently before issue of Party ticket I come to know and When I complain no action taken so “I have make my mind and I will fight the election as an independent candidate” and not going against any party.

When asked about advantage on allegation against the BJP nominee there, welly said that though the complain have been lodge and forwarded to SP city for approval as it is a nature of economic office, if it is not registered he may go to court of law welly said.

When contacted Itanagar OC, PS Tabi Bage said that we have received a complaint of 2014 from Atum Welly of economic offence which is under enquiry stage and if possible it would be sent to SP for approval and then a case will be registered.

BJP Candidate Biyuram Wage when contacted refuted the allegation saying allegation is making out of frustration. He clarified that said transactions was nothing to do with party fund or donation rather was purely a personal dealing.” I hv no authority to issue party ticket so question of demanding party fund does not arise” Wage said. Wage further questioned Welly on timing of his allegation claiming that Welly has intention to tarnish his image to gain political benefit. He also stated that Welly is tarnishing Party image too by levelling baseless allegation..