Arunachal: Youth Join Hands To Distribute Relief Material

Kanubari-  Like other states in India, Arunachal Pradesh  has also become a victim to the Coronavirus and a lockdown was imposed in several districts. In a region where a lot of tribals depend on daily wage for survival, a lot of problems have come up as work has come to a standstill and income has completely stopped in a lot of families.

During this time, people have come forward to donate and help those who cannot afford to buy ration.

The people of Dasatong Village witnessed Samaritan work carried by one young energetic youth who hail from Sangsatham village namely, Pongngoi Joham.

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Joham with full of vision for his community and the district on Wednesday distributed rice of 10 kgs with salt pack to each house hold totalling 65 in Dasatong considering their basic needs.

This act of kindness is a clear message to the people of Dasatong that the rest of the people stand behind you at this critical hour. So never be discouraged.

Villagers  extend their  thanks  to Pongngoi Joham for his generosity.

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  1. GOVT OF ARUNACHAL FORGET THIER OWN PEOPLE LIVING INSIDE BANDREDWA i.e area of assam arunachal boundary ptc area. atleast provide thse area too .people living in thise area are never got any benefiacial help from our govt.
    people living ion this area have no where to go .even cant cross the bndrdwa checkgate which need special sanction from dc but daily assam people are entering day by day as they are coming from red zone.

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