Arunachal: YAM opposes govt move for enhancing doctor’s superannuation age from 62 to 65 years

Itanagar-   Young Arunachal Movement (YAM) a NGO today opposed any move of state government with regards to enhancing of age of superannuation of doctors from 62 years to 65 years.

Submitting a memorandum to the Chief Minister office today, YAM Chairman Tarh Hari inform that “ as per reliable sources it has come to know that a section of government doctors of state who are at the verge of retirement from their respective services are pursuing the  government for enhancing of their age of superannuation from 62 to 65 years”.  Few years back the age of the working doctor’s superannuation was enhanced from 58 to 62 years and again several doctors are lobbing for their personal benefit  Hari said.

‘most of these doctors are holding one or other administrative post, many doctors have left the clinical practice several years back and some of them must not be in touch with the latest treatment practices and system. And if they are engaged in clinical practice even after so much of gap will set a dangerous trend’. He said.

Several doctors who are at the verge of retirement are also holding higher administrative post and if their superannuation age are relaxed or increase they may have to work in several PHC/CHE and other hospital of state and they may not wish to work under junior doctors. He observed.

Referring to present crisis of Covid-19 pandemic, Hari said that the proposed increase of superannuation age will not serve the purpose of fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic because as per Covid-19 management guidelines says that the doctors aged above 60 years  are not to be engaged in the treatment of Covid-19 as it would be dangerous for them. He informed.

He also inform that the senior doctors are drawing a huge salary while there are around 60 unemployed young doctors who have energy and young can deliver their duty with energy and they also can be posted at various hard topographical location of state and can serve the humanity while the older doctors cannot move to hilly places and also will get small salary at first and would be better for the state at the present state of crisis in finance management. He said.

Yam further appeal the chief minister not to go for enhancement of superannuation of age of working doctors from 62 to 65 years which will not be in the greater interest of the society as a whole.


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