Arunachal: Women in Bhalukpong who dares to step out of their homes and serve to Covid-19 Warriors


Bhalukpong  ( Dr. Tage Neha )- when the whole world is in fear of Covid-19 pandemic and when people prefers to stay away from others,  there are some women in Bhalukpong under West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh who dares to step out of their homes and serve the Covid-19 warriors…  ….they ought to be caught in pictures or in record. 

As the world is infested with Novel Coronavirus, and as the nation is stricken with fear of pandemic, we as frontline workers of COVID-19 have no second choice but to face and fight against the invisible enemy.

 Everyday even when families are in the best hours of their soundest sleep in the morning or even if children are crying for their company we have to leave home to attend to the call of humanity, it is such a pain to walk fast the home and quietly close back the doors & gates only to march ahead for COVID-19 duty to safeguard the humanity.

 Walk out of home with full of uncertainties, fears and doubts as to whom we may come in contact during the day, whether we’ll be able return home safe and sound. Only one thing is certain, that