Arunachal- Voters of Kangku Circle threatens to surrender Voter I-Card


After “No Vote No Road”, Campaign during the By-election in Likabali constituency of Arunachal Pradesh on Thursday  last, the voters of Kangku circle now threatened to surrender their Voter I-cards en-mass as next phase of its agitation, if the state government failed to address their demands for a good road to circle, informed the villagers in a press conference on Saturday.

Over the report that out of 9 polling stations under the Cirle, few people were voted in 4 polling stations, Galo People Federation, Chairman, Nyador Loya who is leading the campaign said that the people who voted at 4 polling stations under the circle were pressurized to cast their votes by political leaders.

He however clarified that it’s upon people of the circle to decide if they will cast their vote as the committee never forced anyone but only sought their support and cooperation for the movement.

 “There is a misconception among people that this movement was started with a political interest,” Loya said while clarifying that the sole motive of the campaign was only to drew the attention of government towards the plight of  Galo people living in about 24 villages, who have been neglected by government in terms of road connectivity and other developmental activities since last 40 years.

Dajo Ngomle, the general secretary of a local NGO called Dolok Banggo said ” We don’t want to cast vote more for any political party who never cared for us” .

he alleged that  after elections no elected leader  ever took care of their demand for a good road , which he said  is of needed for further development of the area at par with districts.

He also alleged that successive government including whom they elected as their representatives betrayed them with false promises during their election campaign and stated that people are tired of false promises of political and they don’t want to cast vote more for any political party that has no respect for people’s sentiments.

 “Even MoS,Kiren Rijiju, who came here seeking our votes promised us that if we will cast votes and he wins, then he will surely look upon out grievances and build a good road for us,” Loya added

 “After Rijiju won the MP election, despite several invitation to visit Kangku Circle on several occasion has turned down our requests and never visited us to hear our pleas,”.

 “This is just the beginning and we will continue our struggle till our demands are met,” affirmed the committee adding that they would change their mind only if their demands for a good road were fulfilled by government.

Village residents have been demanding construction of a 65 kilometre stretch of road to connect Kangku Circle with the rest of the state and country,  due to which they are facing untold problems since last 40 years.

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