Arunachal: Villagers themselves renovate damaged road

Pasighat (Maksam Tayeng )- In a voluntary attempt to renovate a portion of damage road on self help basis by the villagers of Tekang, Yagrung and Sibut villages under Pasighat block, a mass social service of road renovation was carried Gobo-Pokdum on the link road from Pokdum on Pasighat-Ledum-Tene (PLT) road to National Highway at Tode-Rani area on Monday.

The road renovation work of damaged portion was carried out by Kayi Gumín Welfare Society  (KGWS) of Tekang with the group efforts of common denizens and youth wing of Tekang, Yagrung and Sibut villages by pressing machines and renovated the eroded/damaged road on Self Help basis. The team revamped the block point by installing a large Hume Pipe underground and thus made smooth plying of vehicles through this Span/Hume Pipe Culvert without any tussles, informed Boyem Jerang, Vice President-Cum-Publicity Secy, KGWS. After completion of the Span/Hume Pipe Culvert, the team headed by the KGWST, filled the potholes on the road with gravels to make it smooth to give a bumpy free ride for the commuters.

During the road renovation work, Ninong Ering, MLA 37th Pasighat West and Kaling Moyong, MLA 38th Pasighat East visited the site to boost and give moral support to the team. The duo appreciated the KGWS with others and appealed every likeminded people, society and other NGOs to be instrumental in delivering welfare activities and other noble jobs without waiting for government assistance to come.

Seeing their yeoman social services, some well-wishers and good samaritans contributed/donated by their own way like Ninong Ering engaged his JCB, Aan Tangu donated one piece span/hume pipe, Daniel Jamoh engaged his Dumper Truck, PWD Pasighat Division engaged JCB and Yang Tamuk contributed 30 nos. of Bamboos, all the contributions were free of cost.

During the monsoon season, the PLT road which is the life line of Bosing, Legong and the Upper Ramle Banggo is persistently disrupted by the Poklék river which is also called ‘Pagla Nadi’ (mad river) in between Takilalung and Sibut villages thus creates havoc and compels the medical team performing Covid-19 duty at the village localities and also other commuters to opt for long route through the Gobo-Pokdum link road. Due to erosion and water logging, this link road gives a bumpy and horrible ride to all passengers/commuters and a point at Todeng WRC adds the woes.

The unpaved graveled road is being eroded by the community canal water and the road is submerged in the water. Owing to unavoidable circumstance, the commuters cross this canal risking their LMV submerged in the water up to the engine bonnet resulting in mechanical defect and also often likely to loss of property and life. To ease and avert these woes face by the people, especially patients on medical emergencies, the renovation of road at damaged point was very important, informed KGWS sources.

Meanwhile,  KGWS President, Tapok Tamuk, Secretary, Bajing Tayeng and Yagrung Baane Kebang Secretary, Tani Tabing have all jointly appealed every commuters of this road and areas to avoid travelling through Poklék to evade any kind of untoward incident and advised to use this Pokdum-Gobo link road during this monsoon season or till the condition of Poklék is fully restored.


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