Arunachal: Villagers declared Lockdown for 30 days in Sangdopota Circle

Sangdopota-  In view of rise of Covid-19 positive cases in Itanagar capital region  (ICR) and growing threats of spreading of coronavirus at Sangdopota Circle attached to the capital complex, the villagers  including  gaon bura decided for 30 days total lockdown in the Sangdopota Circle  effects from  23rd July to 23  August next.

The decision was taken during a joint meeting orgaqnised by local public, youth and Gaon buras Interim Committee,  which was held on 19 July.

During meeting they decided to total Lockdown of Sangdopota Circle   no entry and exit to Circle from today onwards said Techi Nyajung a youth leader and Interim Committee Chairman of Sangdopota Circle.  And this is 3rd phase of Lockdown in Circle.

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He said the COVID  19 positive cases are increasing every day in capital region  and its threat of spreading in our area  too if we not control it on time because  capital itanagar is not too far from the Sangdopota.

So he requested to every one to follow and cooperate the resolutions passed by the Sangdopota Circle public for the  protection local public.

He said from today we are blocking the road , no one will allow to entry and exit to Circle accept medical emergency cases and for movement of frontline workers. Nyajung added..


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