Arunachal: United Friends of 80’s conducts social service at Balek Secondary School

Pasighat:  While continuing their good work for the welfare and beautification of the Balek Secondary School, the members of United Friends of 80’s again conducted a social service at the premises of the Balek Secondary  School today where thickets of grasses and weeds were seen grown all around the school building presenting an unkempt sight.

Normally the upkeep of a clean compound of a school is managed by the school by engaging the students. But the closure of school due to COVID-19 pandemic has left the school authority paralyzed, as there are no students to be engaged for the job. So the UFO 80’s took up the cudgels and spruced up the school compound, informed UF80s.

The team UF80’s also pruned the trees in and around the school building that had overgrown the building. The Headmaster of the school Kalom Ering was also present during the social service along with his staffs. The school staffs were all thankful to team UF80’s for their benevolence as it was the wont of the team to lend a helping hand whenever the school was in need, said Kaling Dai, Chief Coordinator of the UF80s.


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