Arunachal: This bad road leads to SLSA, the premier sports academy

Road to Sange Laden Sports academy ( SLSA ) in Chimpu in bad shape for years together, no one is bother to repair it. 


The approach road leading to Sange Laden Sports Academy (SLSA) located at Chimpu is in bad shape for years together. Sorru to say, but it is true that ” no one is worried about the maintenance or repairing of this road which is only around 2 KM long”.  locals appeal the state government to immediately repair this road.

The locals said that not only the SLSA is a premier sport academy is located in this area but the Directorate of Sports, Directorate of Youth Affairs, Office of Sports Authority of Arunachal (SAA) and around one thousand people reside in the vicinity but nobody bother for this road.

Chief Minister and other high dignitaries and several sporting event takes place in the grass court stadium and a new multipurpose stadium is also  under construction but the pathetic road condition itself speaks its state of affairs but we are facing the inconveniences for years together. The locals said.

We earnestly appeal the state government, Sports department and PWD department to kindly look into the matter and repair the road at the earliest possible. They also appeal the Capital district administration to intervene into the matter in the greater interest of the students and local people of the area.


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