Arunachal: Techi Meena Lishi murder case-  Bail plea of two accused rejected

YUPIA:  The bail plea moved by the advocate of two co-accused in the sensational Techi Meena Lishi murder case has been rejected by the lower Court here at Yupia on Monday.

The bail petition of the two co-accused persons involved in the heinous crime was rejected by the lower court, an advocate attending the case said. The bail plea moved by two co-accused Khapyang Letey Lowang, who is a former underground cadre and another co-accused Taney Khoyang whose antecedent is very serious who are also a habitual offender and considering the gravity of the case the bail plea has been rejected by the court. The advocate said.

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The victim’s family has appealed to the lawyers community to refrain from taking the case of the accused persons involved in the murder of their daughter and instead help them to get justice.

“One should think beyond professional ethics. What was happened with Meena could happen to anybody in the future. And that is only possible when the court gives stringent punishment to the culprits so that one dares to commit such heinous crime in the future,” the family members said.

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We trust on the judiciary and appeal that no bail should be granted to any of the accused till final verdict is given. The relatives said.

Late Techi Meena Lishi, who was seven-months pregnant was found dead inside an SUV on November 5, near the Karsingsa block point on NH-415 in capital complex. A massive protest was witness across the state by various organization demanding justice for the victims.

Hundreds of  people including family members, well-wishers, relatives, members from NGOs and students organization protested nearby the court campus demanding justice for Late Techi Meena Lishi who was murdered  by her husband Lishi Roni and two others who all are behind the bar.

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The protesters carrying leaflet, handbill, posters demanding stern and exemplary punishment to all the accused involved in the murder of Techi Meena Lishi.

This case should be treated as one of the rarest of the rare case and all the accused involved in the case should be hanged till death and let the people know about the consequence of murdering a women with a unborn baby. The protesters allege.

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Earlier, the police arrested Kapwang Letey Lowang (40), Damriat Khoyang (29), the main assailant who allegedly murdered Meena with a hammer, Datang Suyang (26) who was recruited as the driver of the Toyota Innova car, Taney Khoiyang (33), and Lishi Roni (37). Other than Roni, the rests are from the Tirap district.

Later, Chumi Taya (26) and Vijay Biswas (30) were also arrested on November 24 last after police also found their involvement in the case.

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The charge-sheet of the said case is yet to be filed by the police as the capital police is still investigating the case. Said Capital SP Jimmy Chiram. We are in the process and hope soon the charge-sheet is filed before the date of submission for the heinous crime. SP further said.


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