Arunachal: Techi Kaso inaugurates Foot Suspension Bridge over Senki River



Parliamentary Secretary PWD, UD, ULB etc and local MLA Techi Kaso, While inaugurating a Foot Suspension Bridge over Senki River  today appeal the general public to use the infrastructure properly, safely so that it is used for long time and even by the younger generation in time to come.

Kaso was addressing the local people of Police Colony and SRPL Colony here on the occasion of the inauguration of 50 metre Foot suspension bridge constructed over river Senki by PWD Capital Division B of an amounting of 1 crore under State Infrastructure Development Fund (SIDF) in Ward No-3 connecting the two colony of Ward 3. Kaso said that all the infrastructure are being created for the utilisation and convenience of the general public which need to be upkeep for durability, long lasting and even it would be utilised by the younger generation.

He said that government is for the welfare of the people and he will do it till he is capable and will continue to do so.

Arunachal: Techi Kaso inaugurates Foot Suspension Bridge over Senki River

Referring to poor condition of the colony road Kaso assured to construct CC Pavement road to the area connecting NH-415 very soon.

IMC Ward No-3 Councillor Takap Tagru said that there are lots of aspiration and hope among the local people from the local leader and he have been able to meet up some of them in his tenure due to some lopehole and the newly constituted IMC.

He lauded the local MLA for caring his people and fulfilling some of the local demands and hope that the local MLA would continue to do so in future.

He appeal the local resident to use two suspension bridge in the Polio colony so that the connectivity with Economic Statistic Colony and SRPL remain intact if used properly.

Kaso also kick off Volley ball tournament of the Ward wherein 6 team of male and 4 team of women are taking part which shall continue tomorrow and prizes will be given on May 7.

Earlier this morning alongwith several local leaders attended a public meeting at Pachin and interacted with the local people.

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