Arunachal: Tawang preparing for 10th Maitree Diwas

A multi cultural social event in form of “Maitree Diwas” is being jointly hosted by the local civil administration and the Tawang Military Garrison.


In keeping with the sentiments of the local population of Tawang a multi cultural social event in form of “Maitree Diwas” is being jointly hosted by the local civil administration and the Tawang Military Garrison.

The event is being held on 28-29 Nov and it aims at celebrating the strong sprit of friendship and bonhomie that exists between the locals and the Indian Army. This shall be the 10th Maitree Diwas since its commencement on the initiative of our revered leader, the Late Dorjee Khandu, ex CM of Arunachal Pradesh in 2004.

The event was discontinued briefly after his sad demise in an unfortunate helicopter accident in 2011 and has been revived yet again last year under the patronship of his son, Pema Khandu the present CM of Arunachal Pradesh. The event is likely to witness heavy footfalls as it has already drawn wide spread attention and interest of the locals.

As a run up to the  Tawang Maitree Diwas  competitions like Painting and Essay Writing on  ‘Indian Army- Our Saviour’ & ‘Civil Military Friendship’ was organised by Tawang Brigade and Civil Administration for approx 350 students of 20 schools of Tawang on  25 Nov 18.

Brigadier Zubin Bhatnagar, Commander of Tawang Garrison presided over the event and expressed his deep appreciation over the ‘Special Bond’ enjoyed by the populace and Indian Army in Tawang. The two day event shall include the military exhibiting its prowess by conducting Helicopter Flypast, Slithering by Army Commandos and Weapon Display as part of ‘Know Your Army’.

Arunachal: Tawang preparing for 10th Maitree Diwas

Mass Band Display and numerous other events showcasing the vibrant culture of the region and the country too are planned. Numerous Kiosks are being set up to provide information regarding enrolment into the Army and other government jobs beside publicising about the numerous welfare schemes currently in vogue for the countrymen residing in the remote areas.

Indian Army is rendering yeomen service in the region and to further build the existing relations with one and all in the region.

The Army has been executing numerous projects under OP SAMARITAN in coordination and consultation with the people and the administration has been executing the aforesaid projects. Indian Army has been extending a helping hand to the citizens in this remote area, assisting them in every which way, and Maitree Diwas is one such endeavour, to promote bonhomie, in the remote township of Tawang.


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