Arunachal: SUMAA-ESD discussed ILP issues with district administration

The Students’ United Movement of All Arunachal-East Siang District (SUMAA-ESD), led by its President, Zingge Moyong, along with GS, Refong pertin, VP Bharat Lego and others, meet  the Deputy Commissioner, Tamiyo Tatak, and discussed the ILP issues.
In a press statement issued by the SUMAA-ESD alleged that  the Deputy commissioner is not paying heed to the earlier demand on ILP issue submitted by union one month back .
“If demands of ILP checking at the entry gates and installation of CcCtV have been provided earlier as demanded, lot of criminal activity could have been nabbed and minimised, even it could be a helping hand for early trace gruesome murderer of Lt. Bomjen Nyori which occurred day before yesterday at Mebo, in the office chamber”mentioned in the press statement.
The Union reminded the protected right of Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873, which gives right to tribal people in its land and protect the outside invasion be it economically, resources,tradition,employments and on various other aspects.
The Union led by its Prsident Zingge Moyong, discussed in length the prospects of future ‘SMART CITY’ pasighat and the role of indigenous people.
But the Union fears that “when the Pasighat develop as  the Smart city, commercial flights will start landing, and railway line will reach up to the city then a massive hoard of Mainland Indians  may migrates to Pasighat in search of jobs, so the precautionary measures has to be taken from now.
The Union fears  that this will also be threat to the less indigenous populace  and might be surpassed by the outsiders soon in its own land if not taken measures at present.
With this fear the Union tabled the three point charter of demand to the Deputy Commissioner, Immediate checking of ILP by the administration in the entry gates by the regularly, Immediate installation of CcTV within the township with special attention to the police check post points and Immediate creation of new check post on left bank river  near Siluk Village bordering to Lower Dibang Valley and Gadum Village bordering to Assam.
The Union threatens the District Administration if fails within the 10(ten) days of submission of memorandum will go to any extent for the sake of soil and will term the District Administration as the preacher and supporter of illegal immigrants.With the  completion of time period, will announce the further course of Union action.
The meeting has been witnessed by 29th Mebo ST constituency MLA shri Lombo Tayeng and copy has been delivered by hand to Nari Koyu MLA Shri Kento Rina ,Shri Tatung Jamoh,Pasighat (E), Shri Kaling Moyong and MP East Ninong Ering for information and action on immediate ground.

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