Arunachal: SUMAA-ESD alleged poor construction of Pasighat-Ledum-Tene Road


The Students’ United Movement of All Arunachal East Siang District unit (SUMAA-ESD) in a memorandum submitted to the Executive Engineer of PWD, Pasighat Division,  and contractor alleging  the  low standard road construction in Pasighat-Ledum-Tene Road in between Yagrung Kangkong gate to Remi Bridge. The union has appealed the concern executing agency to re-construct the.

The video footage of said work has also been made while visiting the road accompany by the hundreds of youth of the villages.

SUMAA-ESD unit has said that, the PLT road in between Yagrung-Kangkong -gate to Remi Bridge was constructed/renovated very recently, but the quality is too poor that the completed road has started wearing off within a month.

“The worst sufferers are the local commuters as the said road is the lifeline of the people living under Yagrung, Bilat and Korang circles. The said road connects the people of those rural areas to the district HQ, Pasighat which has now become an Smart city, where villagers travels in daily basis for requirements like medical facilities, official purposes etc”, said SUMAA-ESD General Secretary, Redong Pertin.

According to the student leaders, the local villagers have lodged a complaint about the poor road construction verbally to the concern department and contractor, but no attentions were paid giving it a deaf ear.

While keeping the interest of the general public, we have appealed the concern department to re-construct the said road within a period of 10 days failing which a democratic movement will be initiated, under the banner  SUMAA-ESD further, said the union leaders.

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