Arunachal: Story of TAH road, full of potholes

Highway department appealed for repair and maintenance of TAH from Papu Nallah to Yupia and Cola Camp road.


People residing along the Trans Arunachal Highway  (TAH) from Papu Nallah to Yupia and Cola Camp of Dimukh Circle have been repeatedly appealing the Highway authorities  for filing of deep potholes on the road as it is creating lots of hurdles and difficulties during the comfortable drive.

The residents of Yupia, Tikdo and Cola Camp as well as the office goers of the Papum Pare district administration located at Yupia have been facing difficulties and inconveniences during the comfortable drive due to huge potholes created several month back at various location on the stretch of road from Papu Nallah Tinali to Cola Camp.

One senior citizens said that not only from Papu Nallah to Cola Camp but the total stretch of road upto Hoj and Potin and at several location it is very dangerous and pose serious threat for the commuters and need immediate repairing, maintenance and restoration. During the monsoon it is very difficult and road got blocked due to tones of debris lying on roadside which is yet to be cleared even after passing of several months and years.

A women commuters said that a curve turning near Hoj market which was sink few months is yet to repair and she was about to meet accident as could not see the vehicle coming from opposite direction

Highway department officials when contacted said that a direction have already been given for repairing and maintenance of several potholes  from Papu Nallah to Cola Camp and expected that it is being repaired within a week.

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