Arunachal: Sever storm hit Koloriang, damages houses, Taram appeal for relief


Severe Storm hit the Koloriang township and its adjoining area today afternoon in Arunachal Pradesh, damaging several dwelling houses.

Dare Logung a social workers from Parsi Parlo area informed that several houses in and around Koloriang township the district headquarter of Kurung Kumey district have been affected by storm today afternoon. He said that such storm affected recently in Parsi Parlo area where also several houses were damaged.

Koloriang MLA Pani Taram while talking to Arunachal24 said that the storm have affected many dwelling houses which need support from the administration at the earliest possible. He appeal the district administration and state government  for  immediately relief and rehabilitation to the storm affected people

Kurung Kumey Deputy Commissioner Kangki Darang confirmed that a storm lashed out  the Koloriang township at around 3 PM and lasted for about half an hour.

Arunachal: Sever storm hit Koloriang, damages houses, Taram appeal for relief

As  per information he provide, several CGI sheet roofing houses have been blown away and few also have been damaged, But there have been no loss of any life and heavy damage of property.

SP Kurung Kumey Mihin Gambo while inform  that he have instructed his officers to visit the affected area and help the affected people.

The local sources said that six houses have been badly damaged in Taipa Village while several houses have also been damaged in Nikja, Kolung, Ramja, Yapak and Sotum villages as well as in Koloriang township area.

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