Arunachal: Rs.121 Crs spent in Covid 19 management since day one of pandemic- CS

Itanagar: Arunachal Pradesh spent an amount of 121 crores in the Covid 19 management right from the day one of the pandemic, informed Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar. While addressing a press conference  today he apprise about the state fiscal situation and also updated about the action taken in the matter related to Covid management.

Briefing the media at a press conference here at  conference hall of Chief Secretary at AP Civil Secretariat today afternoon CS Naresh Kumar inform that fiscal status of state has also been badly affected due to Covid 19 pandemic and  it is due to backdrop of the global economic slowdown and constituent impact of the Indian economy.

Due to slowdown of the tax collection of Govt of India has seriously impacted during past few month due to Covid 19 pandemic. There has been huge shortfall in share of the central taxes in state. inspite of all these the covid management has been taken into priority and also been taken up important project like several works of the construction of the Green field Airport at Hollongi in Papum are district. He said.

Our state own resource are around 15 % and around 85 % resources are primarily coming from the centre, because of covid 19 pandemic there is a sizable impact.  there is a gap of around 2800  crore in last financial year and this year also and less is 2583 crore. Right  from April to July we had a shortage of around 845 crore. He said.

All the employed and staffs have been paid inspite of financial slowdown, we have cleared liabilities in last four month. There are many important project which has been taken up which are in the greater interest of state and public service. We have also cleared the check which were issued in the month of March. We have also not reduced the expenditure. We expect that the centre share the fund after the GST which is picking up and if so we may clear the other liability in next four to five month which may be around 1000 crore. He said.

The scheme under CCI amounting to Rs. 320 crore will be taken up as a developmental matter of state in working season and tender works would be floated. He informed.

All strategy has been followed after consultation with stake holders in Covid manage, Arunachal is the first state to follow the institutional quarantine and the testing facility has been done and the cost is being bear by the state government. We developed RTPCT lab in TRIHMS and Truenate machine facility has also been installed in every district including remote area like Mechuka and Anini etc to have confidence among the people. The government has been pro actice in handling the situation in covid management. He said.

19.17 crore which was received from Government of India under SDRF was used for the pandemic which was made directly available to all the Deputy Commissioners (DC) of the districts to invest the expenditure for covid management, similarly there is 4.5 crores in another pipeline which will take few days to reach all the districts, and the state has received 3.6 crore for helping the migrant labours through the ‘Prime Minister’s Care Fund for the migrants’, the state has received an amount of around 19.28 crores from ‘National Health Mission’ till date, NEC has given 3.25 crores in the beginning of March, another scheme of MMRKK has provided some amount for only used in the health sector which will be dispersed to all the DC amount of 15 crore each.

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In addition to above the primary sources, the state had its own state plan where the state had spent an amount of 6 crores (approx) which has primarily gone into three major areas; oxygen cylinder, mobility of the health staffs in ground level and on the institutional quarantine centers.

During the beginning of the pandemic, large number of people voluntarily contributed to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund as a help to the state government to overcome the financial crises. So, till to date the state has spent an amount of 15.23 crores from the CM relief fund which has primarily gone on a four major areas; funding the stranded Arunachalees, funding to all districts police and administration for their mobility and the Districts Medical Officers (DMOs).

Also, a huge amount of money (2.33 crores) has been spent in establishing the Lekhi quarantine center and amount of 121 crores expenditure has been used in the Covid management process right from the day.

There is possibility that the some of the money transferred to the DC may be with them. Assuming the amount that which has gone to DC, SP, DMO the expenditure has been encored, CS said.

Sizeable amount of money has also gone into procuring medical equipments such as vehicles/ambulance, setting up ICUs, covid testing machines and many other medical necessities.

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