Arunachal: Roing police arrested 2 drug suppliers with brown sugar

One police officer injured during the operation.


The  Anti Drug Squad (ADS) of Roing Police on Friday arrested two drug suppliers with around 100 grams of suspected brown sugar from Kangkong area. They identified as Pobitra Gogoi and driven Gogoi. One police officer injured during the operation.

The ADS got an input about Kangkong route being used for peddling drugs in the region.

Accordingly ADS team led by OC Shantipur Sushant Saurabh Jha under the direct supervision of OC Roing Inspector N. Sora, Dy SP Ringu Ngupok and SP Lower Dibang Valley, Sanjay Kumar Sain with the help of sources a trap was set and the two peddlers were arrested.  Drugs weighing around 100 grams was seized from their possession.

Further on interrogation the peddlers revealed about their accomplices were waiting for them at Chapakowa Assam, In the dead of night the police team along with assistance from Sadiya Police set up a trap for their accomplices with the help of arrested peddler Pobitra Gogoi.

As soon as OC Shantipur Sushant Saurabh Jha nabbed one of the accomplices he was attacked by a masked person with a Dao seriously injuring his left hand. They tried to free the arrested peddler Pobitra Gogoi but the police team succeeded in holding on to him while also seizing their motorcycle from the scene.

SP Sanjay Kumar Sain while informing about the said incident, said that the injured police officer is currently undergoing treatment at District Hospital, Roing.

He also stated that this is the second big arrest for suppliers from Assam in addition to the last year arrest of Gobinda Gogoi which had drastically brought down supply of drugs in the area.

District Police vows to not only arrest the assailants of the police officer at the earliest but also would not be deterred to realise its dream of a drug free Roing.


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