Arunachal: Rescued 3 Great Indian Civet handed over to Itanagar Zoological Park

Pasighat ( By Maksam Tayeng )  Mongol Yomso a young leader from Pasighat who also contested Lok Sabha election in the last Parliamentary election handed over three great Indian Civet to Itanagar Zoological Park   today.

Mongol Yomso said that his team of workers had found the three Civet cubs somewhere near Ayeng village under Mebo Sub-Division some four months ago. “As soon as I was informed about the finding of three Civet cubs whose mother might have been killed by hunters, I took over the cub and raised them by feeding meat and milk till it grew up healthily.

Then I informed Tasang Taga, Divisional Forest Officer, D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary Division, Pasighat who wanted me to release the cub in the sanctuary. But I had certain apprehension that the cubs might get killed by other wild animals like Fox, Wild Dogs or Leopard in the sanctuary as the cubs became familiar with humans which makes them very prone to other animals as they might take a few times to adapt to nature.

Hence I requested DFO Taga to do something so that it could be released in a safer place and he contacted RFO Zoological Park, Itanagar.

On getting a permission from Principal Chief Conservator of Forest and Wildlife, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar to transport the animals via Assam, Yomso with his three Civet cubs were seen off by DFO Wildlife, Tasang Taga, Dy. FR, Orin Perme and Member, State Board for Wildlife, M. Tayeng at the office of DFO D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary Division this morning.

While leaving for Zoological Park Itanagar, Yomso appealed to the public, especially the Tani clan communities to shun hunting and love wild animals also. “We from Tani clans are mostly hunters by tradition due to which we eat all the animals except few which is leading to extinction or near to extinction of many wild animals and birds today. Hence, we also need to change ourselves with the passing of time so as these wildlife could be also saved and protected for greater environmental balancing”, added Yomso.

Meanwhile, Tasang Taga, DFO Wildlife has appreciated the kindness of Yomso in saving the three Great Indian Civet cubs. “This will inspire others also and many like Mongol Yomso must come forward to save wildlife as large population of wild animals and birds are rapidly depleting and some are near to extinction due to excessive hunting practices of our people in the name of traditions and culture including many other doing hunting for commercial purposes”, added Taga.

On his part, State Board for Wildlife Member, M. Tayeng also admired the good decision of Yomso to hand over the rescued three Civet cubs to the wildlife officials. “Such moves of public leaders like Yomso will also make him the leader of wildlife, the guardian of voiceless animals whose numbers are rapidly depleting owing to hunting and poaching”, added Tayeng who has been working for wildlife protection and conservation from the last ten years.


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