Arunachal: Protect the plants having medicinal value- APSMPB Vice Chairman

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh state medicinal plant board (APSMPB) Vice Chairman Dadi Rimo Matam has appeal the people of state to identify and protect the plants having herbal and medicinal value which may be used as medicine for curing the several ailments in human life.

Rimo was addressing the gathering of executive members of Capital complex Matam kao welfare society (CCMKWS) at H Sector this evening. Rimo said that the leaders of central and state government has been  emphasizing on aatm  nirvar bharat and vocals for locals so we can also become aatm nirvar in herbal and medicinal plants as there are hundreds of species of plants which have medicinal value and are used by the local tribal people of state for hundreds of years. He said.

The Pema Khandu eld state government has been emphasized on local for vocal and we do endorse his appeal as it is in the greater interest of the local people of state. as our people has been using several plants of medicinal value and we can preserve these plants if detail awareness are given to the local and rural people which can be used as the real medicine for treatment of several ailment. Vice Chairman said.

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The APSMPB has emphasized for creating of garden of medicinal plants and the board will also support it and the board is also proposing scheme for the preservation and protection of medicinal plants.

CCMKWS Chairman August Rimo Matam, secretary Vikas Richo Matam among other also address the gathering. The members of the NGO also discussed for preserving of medicinal plant for utilization as medicine and also urge upon the environment and forest minister an chief minister for providing of sufficed fund for the same.


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