Arunachal Pradesh is a living example of unity in diversity- Chowna Mein

Arunachal Pradesh is a living example of unity in diversity as the state is home to 26 tribes and numerous sub-tribes with varied culture, tradition and belief- Chowna Mein, Dy CM, Arunachal Pradesh.


Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein while attending the Rongali Bihu Celebration “Luit” at NERIST on April 29 termed the celebration as an endeavour to bridge the diverse cultures of north eastern region.

Mein said Arunachal Pradesh is a living example of unity in diversity as the state is home to 26 tribes and numerous sub-tribes with varied culture, tradition and belief. Since time immemorial efforts are being made by all to preserve, protect and promote the rich cultural heritage of state. The state government has also taken several steps to help preserve the tangible and intangible traditional cultural heritage.  He stressed that essence of our life is reflected in our culture and urged upon all to preserve the rich cultural heritage and traditions.

“When the world at large is in the fear of drowning in the globalisation process, it is the responsibility of every one of us to contribute to protect our indigenous traditions, literature and culture,” said Mein and asserted that globalisation can’t be stop but efforts can be made to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage, literature and traditions.

He called upon the younger generations to shoulder responsibility to carry forward the legacy of sustaining the essence of their traditions and cultures. He also said that the onus lies with the parents to pass on the importance of preserving the indigenous languages and traditions to their childrens.

“Time is precious and priceless for everyone, so never waste time,” Mein advised the students of NERIST present in the Bihu celebration. We should use out time properly in positive manner. Your parents have high hopes on you all and so it is your  responsibility to perform better in your education.

Mein urged the youth to come out in the fight against drug abuse, he said we need to help the young generation fully understand the dangers of drug abuse and their ultimate need and commitment to avoid and fight the vice.

Congratulating the 4 candidates who cracked the prestigious UPSC exam 2017 from Arunachal Pradesh, Mein extended best wishes to them for successful career ahead. He said that they have made us all proud and have created a niche for themselves in the country.

“Northeast has become a hotbed for research scholars for it is here that many foreign scholars come to document and research their works as it is the melting pot of various languages, tribes, cultures and traditional belief,” said Mein and mooted for more research works to document for preservation and protection of this rich traditional cultural heritage.

While terming neighbouring state of Assam as the torch-bearer of the entire states of Northeast, Mein said that our state has lot to learn from Assam in terms of progress and development. Mein said that in isolation no states can progress or developed and called for coordinated efforts of all the 8 north-eastern states for peace, progress and development of the region.

Mein informed that visionary Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emphasised and initiated major infrastructure projects to make the Northeast region a gateway to Southeast Asia. He said Modi government has pitched for overall and balanced development of NE regions as Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes Northeast region is the new engine for India’s growth. Every effort are being made by the central government to reduce the isolation of north-eastern region by improving connectivity through road, rail, air, telecom, power and waterways, Deputy Chief Minister stated.

Mein announced to the thunderous applause of the gathering that small airports in Arunachal Pradesh like in Pasighat, Tezu are being developed under UDAAN (Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagarik) schemes and many other airports in Northeast region are also being developed.

Parliamentary Secretary UD & PWD, Techi Kaso extending his festival greetings to the Assamese communities asserted hope that as local MLA he would be there for every community whenever they need any support.

Director in charge NERIST Professor Dr. Arora also spoke on the occasion.

Earlier, DCM Mein unveiled the Bihu souvernir ‘Jetuka’ and also released a novel ‘Najitora’ authored by P.B.Deka. On his arrival, Mein was presented Gamosa and Jhappi in Assamese tradition and culture.

Later, the Bihu performance enthralled the gathering.

The Rongali Bihu celebration has been convened and organised by NERIST Rongali Bihu Celebration Committee.


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