Arunachal Polls: NPP is a national party but thinking and working for region- Khyoda Apik

NPP Candidate from 1-Arunachal Pradesh , Khyoda Apik addressed several election rally and sough support for NPP.


NPP candidate for 1-Arunachal West parliamentary constituency Khyoda Apik  address series of election rally in Leparada and Lower Siang district on Monday and Tuesday and sought public support in favour of NPP party.

Addressing public gathering at Bassar and other parts Apik said that the NPP is a national party but thinking and working for region and local as well as for tribal people.

The face of development of state is in slow and both the congress and BJP is responsible. There is a huge irregularities in land compensation on Trans Arunachal Highway and the state government is yet to handover the case to CBI. He said.

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There are much to do for development of health and education sector as the health scenario is very bad and the education sector is yet to rationalised and get the real face of the development and the education percentage of state is very low. The ire have come to make a change and all is possible if all stake holders come together and shoulder the responsibility for the development of state. Apik said.

Referring the recent PRC fasico, Apik said that both the BJP and congress have been playing blame game to each other and they have to tell the people and should not play politico with the sentiment of the people any more.

Further he appeal one all people of state to get rise and ask for the legitimate right which would be utilised for the state development in all respects. He said the April 11 should be deciding date for the change of the decision so that the direction of the development moves in right track Apik added.

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