Arunachal: Political parties to boycott local body poll

May knock the door of court, SEC urged to postponed the election for few months.

ITANAGAR:  Several political party of state has threatened to boycott the upcoming the local body poll and even threatened to go to court of law if the State election commission (SEC) does not honour the request and suggestion and advice of all party meeting held in connection with the panchayat and municipal election in state.

Addressing the mediaperson here at Arunachal press club today afternoon, Arunachal Pradesh congress committee (APCC) Chief Spokesperson Toko Mina said that the state election commission (SEC) is doing nothing for last two years but unnecessary harassing the innocent people of state in the name of local body poll in the working season.

Major development activities has been held up due to Covid 19 pandemic since March last and whatever the infrastructure and developmental works and welfare schemes to the beneficiaries are being carried out in state will be badly affected. she said.

We have only few months where all types of development works are being carried out in different parts of state. this year there was heavy rainfall and monsoon has also made heavy devastating flood, landslide and miseries to the people and hundreds of hectors and thousand of people has been affected and those people are still to come out of their problem and now announcing the election  will add to their problem as they will no move around for electioneering and campaigning and other purposes. She said.

The winter is a festive season and several festival of harvest including the biggest festival of Christina community the Charismas month where large section of the community takes part and the mode of the people celebration will also be damaged by the election. She said.

The election was pending for years back and the state election commission has failed to conduct the local body poll, what blunder will happen if the poll is postponed for few months or till March. Mina allege.
Why the state election commission if they has constitutional mandate then they should have obeyed the high court order much earlier.

The SEC has  adamantly declared the local body poll without taking under consideration of the recommendation, suggestion of various political party. The intention of conducting election without going and understanding the request of political party. She also sought the detail of fund made available for conducting the election. She added.

We may boycott or even go to court of law. She further said.

PPA President Kahfa Bengia  inform that the SEC has undermined the sentiment and request of several party which were put forward during the all political party meeting convened by the SEC and SOP etc. In context of Arunachal Pradesh though the fatality in Covid 19 the death rate is bit low but it may infect many people if election is held without considering full proof SoP for safety of the people. Bengia said.

The school are opening from Nov 16 and classes for X and XII will start and teachers and as per SEC 40 thousand employees will be engaged and I fear that the teaching community will also be engaged and the classes will again badly affected as the CBSE examination which are generally  held in Feb and March. Bengia added

Holding of election in working season will also affect the development activities due to imposition of Model code of conduct (MCC) as we have already wasted several months due to Covid pandemic and urge upon the SEC to hold the election for few month later as it is not the appropriate moment, it is understand that the vaccine for Covid may come up in March or April as per statement of the Prime Minister earlier and it would be better if election is held after that. Bengia said.

JD (S) Spokesperson Jarjum Ete endorse the position and reiterated that till the vaccine of Covid 19 does not arrive the local body poll may be postponed.

Since the election has already delayed for more than 2 years so there may not much problem in postponement for few more months. She said

Since the local body poll has been delayed for several months and sought the detail of fund received in rural development and panahayat specially in MNREGA scheme and sought white paper. She said.

The SEC should ensure the safety and security of people from Covid pandemic or else the SEC should take the responsibility of the situation is worsened. She added.


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