Arunachal Political crisis: Supreme Court instructs Governor not to convene session

New Delhi

The Supreme Court on Wednesday asked the Arunachal Pradesh governor not to convene an assembly session until January 19. The Apex court also informed that it would hear the entire matter tomorrow. The political crisis in the state of Arunachal Pradesh got triggered with almost 21 of the 47 Congress MLAs in the 60-member House, alongside 11 BJP and two independent MLAs, extended support to the Deputy Speaker.

The Deputy Speaker  was elected the Chief Minister in the session convened by Governor J P Rajkhowa advancing the date from January 14 to December 16, 2015 last year. Following the event, the Speaker filed a petition challenging both the notifications.

The writ petition by the Speaker Nabam Rebia, was filed challenging the notification issued by Governor J P Rajkhowa on December 9 preponing the assembly session to December 16 from January 14, 2016 and also the notification issued by the Deputy Speaker restoring the suspended 14 MLAs.  The writ petition had also challenged the order of the Deputy Speaker for holding of the session at a new place and the decisions of the Assembly session on December 16.

Earlier, the Guwahati High Court had on December 21 given an order directing not to hold any session till January 4, 2016 of Arunachal Pradesh Assembly after hearing a series of applications filed by the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly and some MLAs.

The Congress party, which is in power in Arunachal, alongside few of its MLAs had given a similar notice last month for the removal of the Deputy Speaker, also of the Congress, accusing him of engaging upon Anti party activities. Soon thereafter, MLAs from the opposition BJP gave a notice for the removal of the Speaker.


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