Arunachal: Plantation and cleaning Programme of Senki River

Itanagar-  Plantation Programme and cleaning of Senki River was conducted on 4th June’ 2020 at 138 BN CRPF campus at Senki View, Itanagar. The programme was organised by the State Climate Change Cell, Deptt. of Environment & Forests which was supported and  collaborative approaches from Arunachal ENVIS Hub Deptt. of Forests and Environment alongwith Govt. officials and Local publics.

An NGO Youth Mission for Clean River Senki River was the local organiser and event manager for the occasion.  Inspite of inclement weather the programme was successfully conducted by following social distancing norms.

The programme started with brief address by D. Riba, Director (Env). He clarified that peoples are confused between Van Mahotsava and World Environment day (WED). Van Mohatsava is a national programme on plantation and WED is United Nation programme, celebrated globally on June 5. In 1987, The United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) started true selection of host country.

In 2018 India was the host country. This year Columbia is the host country in partnership with Germany under the shadow of the UNEP.  He stressed to spare time for nature and active participation in water conservation activities. He also urged to use eco-friendly & biodegradable products as a part of the celebration.

S.D Loda, Chairman of the YMCR-AP in his address stated we want to live but we are destroying our mother nature. Everyone including wild animals staring from lower animals to human has the right to live. He thanked and complete hope on the DoEF, GoAP & CRPF for their full co-operation in observing the programme a befitting manner.

Paras Nath, Commanding Officer, CRPF, Senki Camp also spoke on the occasion. He opined that environment needs to be clean to lead a happy and healthy life. He articulates that planting trees are essential in upgrading the environment.

Shri. Tanu Siram, Information Officer (ENVIS) highlighted about the Online Environmental Quiz being hosted by Arunachal ENVIS Hub (AEH),DoEF, GoAP Itanagar  during this period to observe WED. He informed that the competition was held only for the students of Class VI-X only.

He also discoursed that Arunachal ENVIS Hub is planning to conduct such more activities in future such as Essay Writing, Drawing & Painting Competition, Poster, Poem Writing, Logo design etc in any environmental events like World Ozone Day etc.

Key note Address was given by  R. K Singh, PCCF & Prl. Secy. (Environment & Forests), GoAP. He stresses on Digital activities to be carried out on such occasion by observing the COVID-19 guidelines. He highlighted that clean Senki River Mission Project has been converged to take up cleanliness and plantation activities on eve of observing WED, 2020. He highlighted that Environment has been improved due to lockdown. He urges everyone must participate in such event with full cooperation to fight pollution and do excellent works to generate awareness, better dissemination of information about environment & its related issues respectively.

Vote of thanks was made by D. Dohu Robin, Dy. Director (Env) & Programme Coordinator (ENVIS & State Climate Change Cell (SCCC)) to all for coming ahead inspite of bad weather.

After formal Inauguration programme, there was Mass plantation Drive was carried at CRPF Camp premises near Senki River, Itanagar by R. K Singh, PCCF &Prl. Secy. (Environment & Forests), G. Kumar, PCCF (Envt Climate Change cum Wildlife & Biodiversity), D. Riba, Director cum Jt. Secy. (Env & Forests), Paras Nath, Commanding Officer, CRPF, Senki Camp, Harish Dy. Commandant & Sunil Asstt. Commandant, CRFP Jawan, and D. Dohu Robin, Dy. Director (Env) to mark the occasion.

The event was coordinated by Sh. Dohu Robin, Dy. Director (Env & CC) with his team members from Arunachal ENVIS Hub and State Climate Change Cell. All the officers and field staffs of PCCF Office actively participated for the World Environment Day event.


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