Arunachal: PANNRCC planted 500 teak saplings

PANRCC, a NGO active in Kimin area today planted 500 teak saplings and two baby monitor lizards in the forest. 


The Pinchum Area Natural Resources Conservation Committee ( PANRCC), an organisation based in Kimin area  which focuses on the conservation of natural resources has today planted more than 500 numbers of teak saplings along with other plants at Pinchum area under Kimin circle .

Despite of incessant rain this morning, the committee members has marched 7 kilo metres  ahead towards the jungle site from Kimin town for the plantation program.

The 500 numbers of teak saplings were donated by Chukhu Tanya, Range Forest Officer  Dupang, Tarajuli.

Since the sole motto of PANRCC is to conserve the natural resources be it Flora or fauna, today the team members had also released two baby monitor lizards which were caught up from nearby resident.

The PANRCC was founded by the like minded youths of Kimin Circle on July 2014 and since it’s inception the committee has been planting plants twice in a year and earlier RFO, Kimin range has also donated plant saplings.

As of now 6000 plants had been planted by the PANRCC.

The PANRCC committee members are putting up all efforts to conserve and protect the said site from deforestation, timber smuggling, hunting and encroachments.

The PANRCC does this with an intention to safeguard the forest and preserve the age old tradition of villagers who since time  imemorial has been depending upon forest resources like firewood, wild  palm leaves, bamboos and the likes.

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