Arunachal : Our Tradition is our Culture- Takam Pario


Leader of Opposition and  the MLA of Palin-Chambang constituency ,  Takam Pario while addressing the 1st ever Longte festival celebration at Palin on Sunday said that our tradition is our culture while culture is our identity and we need to preserved our identity in any case until we may loos our identity.

Pario said that a lots of crime related incidents are being heard from nock and corner of state. We have to create a barricade and create a separate boundary in the society so that such evil practise are being contained and criminals activities is reduced from the society and state as a whole.

Arunachal being a peace loving state we have also some role to play in making the peace and development of society and state.

It have been observed in recent past through media and social media that many youths are involves in drugs and other anti social activities. The  activities which is not socially recognised by society should be avoided.

Arunachal : Our Tradition is our Culture- Takam Pario

He  appeal to the people to come forward and start a initiative from their respective family,  colony, sector, village, district and state so that our state remain peace and prosperity.

Guest of Honour APEDA Deputy Director Bengia Tadap in his address the very purpose of the festival should be upheld as the festival have a great meaning to get away from evil spirit which have been celebrated since long.

Central Longte celebration Committee Lokam Kani elaborated the ideology behind celebration and mythology of the Longte festival earlier in few pockets on Kurung Kumey district but now it is being celebrated cross the state and even by the brothers of Abo-Tani community.

Palin Longte festival celebration Committee-2018 Chairman Byabang Gopo, Vice Chairman Byabang Roshan, General Secretary Heri Sakap among other also address the gathering.

ADC Kra Daadi S Lowang, CO Rido Tara and all HODs of the district, PRI members among others were present.

Several cultural activities by the various cultural troupes of the Palin area shows their talents which mesmerised the audience present in large numbers with huge applause.

Prizes were distributed by the dignitaries of several game and sporting events and literary competition held earlier.


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