Arunachal: Mrs Yagam Padung of Rengging village celebrates 100th Birthday

Pasighat,      By Maksam Tayeng

In a simple yet in a befitting manner the 100th birth anniversary of Mrs Yayam Padung, wife of Lt. Tasing Padung and sister of Lt. Tasing Darang who had also reached the 100 milestone was celebrated at Renging village, Pasighat, East Siang district on Saturday last.

She is the oldest living person in the village and the only one left of her generation. The centenarian is known in and around her village for her being optimistic, hard working and assertive. The celebration was to mark her success in life not just as a lone survivor of her generation but also as a successful mother, the family of Mrs Padung remarked.

It is worth mentioning that though Mrs Yayam Padung never had a formal education, but she invested a lot of time and energy on her children’s education, the outcome being that all of them work/worked in government service-the three sons being gazetted officers.

Her eldest son Mr Tayun Padung retired as principal of Higher secondary school, Mebo. Her second son Dr Tadang Padung served as the Director of Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairy development, Arunachal Pradesh who also retired very recently on 2017. And Her youngest son Er. Oyuk Padung is now serving as the Superintendent Engineer of PHED, Tezu Circle.

Her birthday was celebrated in the presence of all her 19 Grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren. The purpose of the celebration held more meaning than just commemorating her centennial, it showcased the village’s love and affection for her and her contribution towards the village.

“To survive itself can be a burden for most but because she is the kind of woman, she is the fire in her which never burned out. By the blessing of the heavens and the care of her loved ones she still lives and may so till she goes down in the history books of Rengging and turns into soil. So till the coming years flip like pages may she have the strength to overcome all the odds and see what else life has to offer” said Er. Oyuk Padung.


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