Arunachal: Most Venerable Nirvan Indrabangsha Mahathera passes away


As a Monk, he devoted his entire life for the promotion and propagation of the Buddha Sasana.


The Most Venerable Nirvan Indravansa Mahathera, the Sanghanayak of Arunachal Bhikkhu Sangha and the Abbot of Weingko Triratna Buddha Vihara under Piyong Circle of Namsai District, left for his heavenly abode (Parinirvana) in the early hours at around 4:07 AM today.

The late Sanghanayak was born on 05-01-1947 at Narayanpur Borkhamti Village of Assam. He was ordained (Shramanera) at an early age of 07 (seven) years and higher ordination (Upasampada) in the year 1968 at Chongkham under the Preceptorship (Upajjhaya) of Late Venerable Silavansa Mahathera, President, Arunachal Bhikkhu Sangha and Kammavaca Achariya of Late Venerable Sasanasevaka Mahathero. Later on, he got settled down at Weingko Triratna Buddha Vihara in the early part of seventies. He became the Sanghanayak of Arunachal Bhikkhu Sangha in the year 1997.

As a Monk, he devoted his entire life for the promotion and propagation of the Buddha Sasana. His mortal remains shall be kept in his temple for paying last homage for the dayakas, dayikas and visitors. Tomorrow his mortal remains will be shifted to the make-shift structure (Kuksingnarung).

The Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein in his message has expressed his profound grief and sorrow over the passing away of The Most Venerable, Nirvan Indrabangsha Mahathera.

The DCM mentioned that the Venerable was an eminent Buddhist scholar who worked tirelessly for the upliftment of the Society and the Buddha Sasana in the North East Region and whole of the country.

He has immensely contributed in the preservation and promotion of Tai Khamti Script and Literature. His demise has marked the untimely dousing of a light which rekindled the Buddhist religious fervour here and abroad. His untimely demise is a great loss to the Buddhist Community and to the country, added Mein.

Various organizations from state, like Arunachal Bhikkhu Sangha, Tai Khamti Singpho Council, Tai Khamti Development Society, Pali Vidyapitu Society, Theravada Buddhist Society, Pariyati Sasana Buddhist Society, Tai Khamti Heritage & Literary Society has offered their prayers for the departed soul and condoled the demise of the most venerable one.


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