Arunachal: Mebo Suffering in both Flood and Drought like situations




In a unprecedented phenomenon Mebo sub-division of East Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh is suffering from both Flood and drought like situation.

The area of Mebo falls in low lying areas under East Siang are experiencing  abnormal rains.  River Siang  is over flowing  in the low lying area and flood like situation in hundreds of hectares of agricultural land, forest areas.  But the same river in  upstream is normal as usual, the area here close to riverbank remaining unaffected.

The water of Siang river has been disturbed by metre-high waves. This phenomenon seen in the river during the past 10-15 days has become a cause of concern for the people living along the bank of the river. The reason behind the phenomenon has not been detected as yet.

“ we never seen this phenomenon  in Siang  River before, not only that, the wave of in the river are look like of sea.  unnatural, not natural,”  said Advisor to CM cum Mebo local MLA, Lombo Tayeng who issued an advisory on Wednesday for the villages along the river side to remain alert.

Tayeng suspected that contributing factors which caused the anomalous  flow of water  could be changing weather pattern or pushing backward water current from below.

“Siang River is unpredictable but it’s uncommon to have anomalies like this considering the intensity and type of unnatural changes now occurring,” he added.

Describing the condition of the flood affected areas, he added:  “ Abnormal  wave in the river  unusually high in a very normal weather condition and concentrated only in Mebo areas, while  the flow of current is completely silent  in upstream  (highland areas) -Namsing and its adjoining areas.”

Tayeng however contended that “it’s too early to comment as of now as to how the unexpected wave  occurring but assumed the factors causing the waves  could be a part of normal variability,” and may be deposition of silt in the river bed as we herd in  last years wherein MP (Arunachal East) Ninong Ering have raised several times in the Parliament may be some movement in the upstream across the Indian border.

Sensing the gravity of the situation, Tayeng informed he pushed the matter on emergency basis to Chief Minister, who then directed the secretary, Disaster Management to depute a team to monitor the waves of Siang river  to have a better understanding of the phenomena and fully examine the possible causes for the unusual occurrence in the Siang River.

On the other hand the Namsing village, under Mebo Sub-Division, Pasighat in East Siang district is currently reeling under serious drought this year due to low rainfall despite the monsoon almost passing half the season.

The drought like situation this year has made every villagers under constant worry as almost none of the villagers could able to plant/sow paddy due to inadequate rainfall this year.

Addressing the media about the  flood like situation  in some area and draught like situation in some area in Mebo subdivision of East Siang district Tayeng said that he will also rushed to his constituency tomorrow to assess the ground situation and support the local administration in making awareness to the locals and safety and security of the locals from the mighty Siang river.

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