Arunachal: Locals appeal not to contaminate Senki river

Itanagar ( By Manoj Singh )- The officials and residents of Senki View colony near Water Treatment plant (WTP) appeal the people not to involve in contamination of drinking water source of Senki river.

The officials of PHED Itanagar Division and locals said that it is very disheartening to say that even  despite the several signboard, banners by Senki view development committee, keeping ,  youths  in the name of bathing use chemicals, detergents and other substances venture into the riverside and throw several bottles of cold drinks and alcohol etc.

On several occasion the youths carry out picnic and party and do not listen to our request for  not to pollute the river water which is the source of drinking water supplied to many parts of capital complex specially Itanagar.

 It is to mention that the capital administration and Senki View development committee has issue appeal and warning not to go for bath, not to use detergent and not to organize picnic , because these activities  contaminated river water.

 Keeping our city clean, green and hygiene is not only the responsibility of officers and committee but the people coming to the river in the name of bathing should also shoulder their responsibility and understand that the drinking water which are being supplied to our resident should also be clean and pure and good for health.

We have erected gate at the entrance of  Senki view colony and at near WTP but who cares and in some cases there has been scuffle and the locals and even the watchman has been beaten up. On several occasion the administration and department has been sought for intervention and after a day or two the problem,, remain same and scary for the watchman and the local committee members as well as the officials of the WTP.

The locals and the officials of the department has been pursuing the administration to keep security guard or provide security on hot summer and sunny day. They also urge upon the senior officers of PGED department to pursue the higher authority of the department/state government and capital district administration to provide security guard or keep local security personnel from the PHED department for preventing of the drinking water contamination at source of the Senki river in its upstream which is the direct source of WTP which supply drinking water to Itanagar.

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