Arunachal: LDSU condemns mass distribution of second hand jackets at various villages

LONGDING: The Longding District Students’ Union (LDSU) strongly condemn the mass distribution of second hand jackets in the ensuing elections at various villages under 60th Pongchau Wakka Assembly Constituency.

According to a press release issued by LDSU, Trucks loaded with second hand items from unknown locations were brought and dumped at various villages; which was then distributed to the people, informed by Longding District students’ Union (LDSU) in a press release .

Sanpha Wangsa, a member of Longding District students’ Union (LDSU) stated that when they enquire about the sources of the items; people informed that the madam Ngandam had sent the items as Christmas gift to the villagers. So, we decided to complain to the State government against such unhealthy development in the area.

The items found among the people were second hand jackets, pieces of cloths, used masks, plastic gloves, a foreign currency coin written 10 with foreign script, money receipt with foreign script etc. Many items were torn and not usable, filthy with foul smell.

Therefore, in strongest term we condemn such cheap initiatives undertaken by responsible individuals risking thousands of lives of innocent people who are not aware of the consequences in this time of Covid-19 pandemic.

Secondly distributing such item during the ensuing Panchayat elections is legally wrong and morally unhealthy. Thus, we demand appropriate action against the doers and public apology.

60th Pongchau-Wakka Assembly Constituency is situated in one of the remotest corner of the State under Longding District.


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