Arunachal: Irregular power supply hits life in Sagalee


Normal life in Sagalee was affected for lack of regular power supply since last few weeks.


The All Sagalee Students Union (ASSU) today appeal the power department for providing of regular power supply in Sagalee area of Papum Pare district.

In a representation submitted to the Power Department Executive Engineer of Sagalee, camp office at Naharlaugn,  the union President Teli Runghi, General Secretary Tana Charchi and Vice President Tana Juna Tara said that the entire Sagalee division is witnessing poor power supply since September 2018 whereas the revenue are being collected regularly by the consumers every month.

In-efficient power supply jeopardizes overall development activities. The most sufferer are the students of the government school who have to prepare for their half yearly and pre board examination preparation is badly affected, the local people patience have been going out and waiting for weeks together.

The union have appeal the officer to immediate take necessary step to resolve the power crisis in the Sagalee area for greater interest of students and common people.

Sagalee Electrical Division Executive Engineer Dogin Tade inform media  that ‘ the reason behind irregular power supply in sagalee area is the epeated failure of the transformer at Yupia switchyard. However  two more transformer was repaired and was under use, but  also get setback due to technical failure and the power supply get disrupted again and again.

He said since Yupia switchyard is under Naharlagun electrical division and they have given order for procurement of a new transformer which would be arriving soon, but till then  public of the Sagalee are  have to face the inconvenience.’

Tade however appeal the general public of Sagalee division to bear with the inconvenience caused to them for some time until a new transformer is installed soon.


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