Arunachal: Illegal Coke manufacturing plants busted in Kharsang



The Anirudh Saran Singh, Secretary (Geology & Mining) and Tassar Talar the Director (Geology & Mining), with his team of officers assisted by District Administration & police has jointly busted the coke manufacturing plants in Kharsang area and dismantled entire illegal coke bhattas  established in and around Kharsang area in front of ADC, SDO, SDPO, Miao.

The local people of Longtom village, Kharsang, has informed the inspection team through video recording that the raw coal are usually  extracted from in and around  Namchik-Namphuk  Coal field area and then supplies them  to coke bhattas at the rate of Rs.9000 per tipper. The inspecting team has found existence of more than 50 coke bhattas in and around  Kharsang area.

These coke bhattas are principal procurer of these unlawfully raised coals. They convert them into finished product i.e coke and then supplies  them to outside of the State of Arunachal Pradesh at high price resulting  in the huge  loss of revenue to the state exchequer.

During dismantling, the inspecting team has found Huge quantity of    unlawfully raised coal and coke dumps  within the premises of these units. The Secretary(G&M)  viewing the gravity of the situation instructed ADC, Miao to take prompt action against persons involved in illegal mining  activities and further instructed  to seized and confiscated all the coal and finished products .

For last many months, the   Kharsang area has been in the limelight in various social media and TV media for very wrong reasons and caught the attention of the Govt. Taking serous note of  various media reports , the Secy (Geology & Mining) and the Director(Geology & Mining) took decision to stop the unlawful coal mining activities in the Kharsang area and hence raided  various places in Kharsang area.

Besides that the  Department too has received frequent reports on illegal mining of coal in Kharsang area  for last many years and in this regards  the Department has apprise the Local Administration ,from time to time, to take  stringent measures like surprise checks/raids from time to time to prevent illegal mining activities, its storage and transportation of unlawfully raised coal and  to lodge  FIR in the police station of the concerned jurisdiction against the culprit involved in such illegal extraction and transportation of coal , but, it seems that no concrete measures like regulatory  supervisions and proper vigilance/monitoring  were exercised  on the ground and because of that the unscrupulous people seems to fearlessly violated  various provisions of law  right under the nose of Local Administration, Forest Department and police.

It is seen that the level of   illegal mining activities in Kharsang area is extensive and have plundered the coal bearing areas and further, this unlawful activities has adversely affected the conservations and optimal exploitation of depleting non-renewable natural resources of the state and it is seen that the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises(MSME) were the principal end users of illegally mined coal from the Kharsang area

Further, this also shows that the racket is deep rooted with alleged involvement of Coal  mafias, local inhabitants of Kharsang area, middle men, transporters and others.


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  1. I’m the domicile of affected area. I urged the Concern Authority and Administrative to not allow NOC. I appeal Cancellation of all the Licences and no further renewing of licenses.

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