Arunachal: I am still a leader and will work for the people-  Kumar Waii


Former Home Minister Kumar Waii on Saturday asserted that he is a leader and will continue to work for the people of 8 Bameng Assembly constituency, East Kameng district and state even if he lost the 2019 assembly election.

Waii on Saturday attended a huge gathering of local people of Bameng assembly constituency on the get together programme held at Seppa, the programme was organsised by the local public leaders of Bameng.

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On this occasion , talking to media, Waii said ‘ I have always been there to serve the society, I have been as Minister for several years and has work for the welfare of the people and development of the area, district and state irrespective party line, though I lose the assembly election 2019 but it has not demoralized my zeal and enthusiasm and I shall work with renowned zeal and enthusiasm. Waii said.

Winning and losing is part of game, looser should not demoralized and continue to play with dedication, sincerity and devotion and time will come to win the battle, Waii said.

There are lots of challenges at present in state in regards to development, I have been in team Arunachal but we have been facing lots of problem.  Referring to nos of MOU signed for Hydro power development (HPD) projects in state earlier but none of them has so far started.

The fact is that the power generation is the only and main source through which state can earn revenue, so that all these project need to be started, he said.

Referring to the ongoing Nyokum festival celebration, Waii said our local festival is directly or indirectly related with preservation and promotion of our rich cultural heritage of tribal society.

He appeal all festival celebration committee to develop relation with other community and tribe so that all tribes of state live in peace and prosperity which maintaining communal harmony and at the same time the rich traditional value and cultural heritage of state and its people is preserved and protected. Waii added.


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