Arunachal: Fire in mountain begins for Jhum cultivation


The fire in mountain itself speaking that the local people began to clean up the mountain for jhum cultivation. But these activities lead to global warming .

DFO (Territory) Banderdewa Neelam Nido said that  these fire are man made. We have been making awareness campaign in his area for last many years. If it is being done for cultivation purpose,  then the farmer should maintain a fire line in the jurisdiction of a confined area so that the fire could not spread and burn the nearby forest which could damage the flora and fauna.

As and when we notice such incident, they depute their officials and field staffs to make visit and extinguish fire and make awareness among the locality.

Though twin capital city is under wildlife zone and directly under the capital administration, so that the circulation and notice are being done from there DC Office and appeal the general public to maintain our rich forest diversity.

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