Arunachal:  ‘Fighting Drug Menace Campaign’ spearheaded MWS


‘Say no to Drugs’ has been the key slogan raised under the theme ‘Fighting Drug Menace Campaign’ spearheaded by the Mishmi Welfare Society (MWS).

 The flourishing illegal opium cultivation in Anjaw, Lohit, Namsai and other part of Eastern districts have become a major area of concern.

Citing predominant of the substance and its consumption, Dr Sopai Tawsik Chairman MWS rues over the detrimental effect of economy, education and health in the Mishmi society through power point presentation and pleads each one of the member to joint in war footing against this dreaded menace.

“Opium growers, Peddlers, drug mafia are continues to call the shots in the area focusing to the youth who are the future, where people are reluctant to give up the practice of poppy farming”, he informs. He also discloses about the opium cultivation in Anjaw and Lohit that top the list of state with illegal poppy cultivation. He further suggests wide awareness, rehabs of addicts and alternative means of livelihood to bail out the hovering threat.

Dr Savita as a resource person from Brahma kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya Mt Abu Rajasthan sensitizes over the hazardous effect of Drugs especially common used of Tobacco which has 4000 harmful effect of chemical composition mainly nicotine causing mouth cancer. “Tobacco only kills 10 Lakhs people every year in India. “Addiction of opium and other contraband substances is death. It makes a person mentally, physically and economically fragile which could be managed through easy Rajyoga meditation a weapon to build up inner will power”, she suggests.

Expressing serious concern of increasing addiction in GEN-NEXT, Dr Mohesh Chai Minister in retrospection cited his example how despite being influenced or forced he dissuade from any addiction focusing his target in study and becomes a specialized Respiratory Surgeon and now holding a key portfolios in the ministry of GoAP. He advises the college student who are the senior to shun any addiction and take up anti – drugs crusade to make a drugs free district. “The Govt is committed to eradicate the menace through alternative livelihood, opening rehabs, sensitization campaign etc. The multi – prone approach and participation from people, student, NGOs, administration and civil society could equivocally fight this war”, he hopes.

DC in his united approach towards fighting the menace highlighted 29 cases registered under NDPS Act since 2012, 10 cases under investigation, 03 pending in the court of JMFC, 12 cases transferred to the Court of Special Judge Tezu and 04 cases disposed. He also appeals the local populace to cooperate with the administration to fight back against the opium.

Briefing about the Women Against Social Evils (WASE), Joya T Moyong urges the student, parent to support WASE to fight against the drugs that are largely spoiling the son and daughter. “Despite being death threat, we are in the forefront to root out drugs and never succumb to any pressure to achieve our objective”, she says.

Dr S Chai Pul DMO Lohit and Dr T Taloh Principal IGG College also spoke on the vital subject and swear to support for the cause.

The stakeholders and the guest present also take the pledge to ‘Say no to Drugs’.

The campaign is being launched here at the IGG College Auditorium by the Minister Sports & Youth Affairs Dr Mohesh Chai amidst the presence of resource person Dr Savita Mt Abu Rajasthan, Joya T Moyong GS and member from WASE Pasighat, Karma Leki DC, Dr DW Thungon SP Lohit, Dr T Taloh Principal IGG College, Dr Sopai Tawsik Chairman MWS, Dr S Chai Pul DMO Lohit, Assistant Professor & Student IGG College, HoDs and All Mishmi Women Welfare Society (AMWWS). The campaign has been organised by the MWS in collaboration with Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Mishmi Women Welfare Society and Women Wing of IGG College sponsored by the Dept of Sports & Youths Affairs GoAP.

Meanwhile, in the four days of campaign, Govt Sec School Tamlanagar, Govt HSS Tezu, Mishmi Women group of Tezu, Medo and Roing will be covered said according to MWS sources.


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