Arunachal fight Covid-19:  AAPSU announces 12 days lockdown in Pasighat from June 19

the major decision was taken after two covid warriors were tested positive for Covid-19 recently and following District Administration of Pasighat failure to contain the spread of Virus in the district.


Itanagar-   Days after two Health care professionals tested positive for COVID-19  in Pasighat, the East Siang District indigenous covid -19 warrior under the active guidance of All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union ( AAPSU) has decided to impose 12 days complete lockdown of the entire Pasighat area of East Siang district which come under Pasighat Municipality to contain the spread of Covid -19 from Jun 19-30.

The East Siang District Indigenous COVID-19 Warrior is a conglomeration of various CBOs, students organization, community-level organizations has been doing its best effort in fighting against the pandemic in the area and district since long.

Announcing this, AAPSU, Vice President, (admin) cum Chairman Covid-19 Mission,  Meje Taku in a press conference here at Arunachal Press club today said the major decision was taken after two covid warriors were tested positive for Covid-19 recently and following District Administration of Pasighat failure to contain the spread of Virus in the district.

” The disease has now entering the Community transmission stage in Pasighat and the recent case of two corona warriors from Pasighst who was tested positive is significant enough to assume that the virus could spread rapidly if no quick preventive measure is initiated now” he worried.

For the past few months, AAPSU has been in close contact with various organizations including CBOs and federal units under East Siang and constantly monitoring the city’s progress on COVID-19 detection, preparedness, and contact tracing.

The organization also demanded the removal of DC, East Siang for her inability to stop the scale of infection under Pasighat. DC has been failed to make proper coordination and communication among several groups and organization who are also rendering their selfless services in fight against the Covid-19 in the district since long. Several organization has not like the act of working style in containing the coronavirus outbreak in the district which is understood to be be the gate way of several district of the Easter area of the state.

“How would the public feel safe if a DC does not conduct a field survey and never invite or conduct public meetings to gather suggestions or feedback and monitoring the situation through the phone with field officials?  Questioned Taku.

He noted how the disease would be contained if DC is unable to even ensure the safety of health care workers fighting the epidemic.

“It is very unfortunate to know from the people of the district that the incumbent  DC never invites CBOs, student bodies, community-level leaders, etc to seek their suggestions and feedback regarding the COVID-19,” Taku worried.

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Taku said that the lockdown is being imposed as to enable health care workers in Pasighat to speed up contact tracing and to contain the probable spread of the virus in the community.

The AAPSU has further laid stress on the importance of speeding up the effort to identify the sick and contact tracing including stricter implementation of protections for front line workers,  faster screening and testing for the virus, and intensify containment measures.

Meanwhile, essential, emergency, and fire services people working for essential duty and covid management will be allowed to move/operate during the lockdown period.

Vehicles from other districts going to other districts through pasighat would be escorted by police from Ranaghat bridge to Pasighat Welcome Gate and no vehicles will be allowed to stop  in the areas under Pasighat municipality. Movement of frontline warriors will be allowed during the lockdown period.


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