Arunachal: Female Sambar Deer found dead in DEWS

PASIGHAT ( By Maksam Tayeng  ) A female Sambar deer was found dead on 1st January 2021 morning in a natural lake locally called Jopong Patang at Borguli Wildlife Range of D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary (DEWS)  but the authorities found no injury mark in the body of the death Sambar deer and the sample has been sent to Veterinary department to find out the possible cause of death.
The matured female Sambar deer was accidentally found lying dead in the lake while a team comprising Divisional Forest Officer, Tasang Taga, Range Officer, Naning Perme and State Wildlife Board Member, Maksam Tayeng was inspecting the sites for animal sightings on the eve of New Year on 1st January 2021. After finding the deer dead without any injury marks of other animals, DFO Taga contacted the District Veterinary Officer, East Siang District who suggested Taga to collect the sample of liver, blood etc for onward testing of the sample to find out the possible cause of the death in case the deer died out of any disease.
Borguli Wildlife Range Officer, Naning Perme said that, the Sambar deer identified to a matured one and was pregnant with around 4 months old foetus in its womb. “We minutely checked the death body but no external injury was found. On operating the body the liver was also found healthy, its important to find out the cause of the death”, added Perme. Unlike in the past, the hunting and poaching has been completely checked since DFO Tasang Taga joined who acted tough against hunters including arrest of own departmental staff who was found involved in hunting from quite long. On DFO’s direction after his joining as DFO our team has damaged and dismantled more than 40 salt lick ambush and machants since two years ago.
“As suggested by DVO, the sample collected for the test has been sent to the veterinary department and results are awaited. But we can’t rule out of any possible disease, however as a precautionary measure we are sending out the sample for any future preparedness to fight against any possible disease which if not taken preventive measures may take more toll on wildlife of the sanctuary which is rapidly reviving after hunting and poaching has been strictly controlled”, added Taga.
Taga has also said that the numbers of deer and wild buffaloes have also increased including other animals after hunting/poaching were restricted by dealing tough against all active hunters of the region. “We are taking up zero tolerance of any hunting activities inside the sanctuary and all the Range Officers have been fixed with their responsibilities not to compromise with their duties”, added Taga who spent beginning of New Year with field staff at Borguli Wildlife Range, the largest range of the DEWS.


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