Arunachal: Exposed littering at Digaru river site becomes eye sore to visitors

TEZU: Unspoiled nature & pristine beauty are source of immeasurable pleasure and richness.  This natural beauty can be witnessed when we gradually come across after mighty Lohit River unfortunately the nature beauty has been spoiled because of litters being created by picnic revelers since the last few months.

It became an eye sore for the visitors as littering in and around Digaru River site and under greenery forest plantation. Littering menace has loomed large and can easily be seen from the NH – 13 where disposable plates & glasses, water bottles, Breezer and wine bottles are predominantly exposed.

“Oh..!! Litter, litter & litter so dirty it became”, expresses one of the onlooker from the NH. Another expressed, ‘something stringent should be taken up to address this menace” “Picnickers also dumped huge non degradable wastes in the pristine Digaru River which slowly polluting the fresh water body”, the administration has to pay immediate intervention, reacts other local citizen.

“Littering is a crime, but they are not enforcing. We need to educate the youths on why littering is bad and the effect litter has on neighborhoods”, Johnnise Downs

It’s become preferred places for the picnic revelers from the Township, neighboring district and also from Assam. They enjoy picnic and organize birth day, get together and other merry – making party leaving behind large number of litters.

Not only does litter spoil the natural beauty of our environment, it also poses a threat to wildlife. Law enforcing agencies should intervene immediately to ensure proper management or monitoring of these parties in order to contain law & order situation and also proper dumping of this litter before the situation become out of control.  The local NGO, Pressure groups and nature’s activist need to come fore to find out suitable mechanism to address this menace.

The area falls under jurisdiction of Digaru Forest Range in the Divisional Forest, Lohit district.


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