Arunachal: DFO Lohit seized huge quantity of Khair wood


Rampant illegal Khair wood cause of concern in Lohit, DFO seized 16 Mules and 15 Carts.


Illegal logging and trade of high-value tree is a major cause of concern in the Paya and Digaru Range of Lohit district where Khair woods were illegally felled by the mafia intruding from adjoining border State of Assam.

The forest department of Lohit division has launched a war like scenario to fight back the mafia of Khair at the sprawling plantation hub of Paya and Digaru ranges.

“We have opted several techniques to thwart out in their way of operating Khair wood unlawfully in these ranges due to porous border neighbouring Assam.

Shortages of staffs and other hi-tech mechanism have been another stumbling block in the operation. We have round the clock patrolling for the last 20 (twenty) days and seized 16 Mules and 15 Carts with tons of Khair so far however the culprits escaped taking the advantage of the darkness”, informs S Manyu DFO.

Arunachal: DFO Lohit seized huge quantity of Khair wood

Earlier we seized Tractors with laden of Khair recently but this time the Mafia are using soundless mode of transportation like Mules carts etc. We even dig out Kilometres of channel in and around the plantation sites but that too made no difference to them”, the DFO rues.

The Khair also known as Catechu, a multipurpose tree species is widely used for fodder, fuel, building material and in health care. Economically Catechu is used as adhesive in ply- wood industry and it is also used in preparing polishes and paints. Besides traditional utility, A. cate- chu is widely utilised commercially for extracting Katha from the heart wood which costs around Rs 400 to 500/ per kilogram in Indian markets.


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