Arunachal: Dapke inaugurates shops for Herbal Products

Appeal people to use herbal and organic items to remain fit.

NAHARLAUGN:   Raga MLA Tarin Dakpe today appeal the citizens of state to use herbal and organic items to remain fit and fine with a with a healthy body and sound mind.

Addressing a gathering of local people and business community on the occasion of inauguration of a sale counter of (IMC) of a shop of ayurvedic and herbal products of International Marketing Corporation Pvt Ltd at Lagun bridge today, Dakpe said that we have to use herbal and ayurvedic products which has no side affect on the health and also good and cost effective for all.

We as tribal people in Arunachal Pradesh has habit to live with nature and so we can use all types of herbs and creeper which has scientific and medicinal value which are also medicine for health and maintaining hygiene.


An ayurvedic /herbal and organic product distributor under International marketing corporation (IMC) inaugurated near Lagun bridge, Naharlagun today. The distributor having more than 500 branches in country is now opening its branches across the state. the company provide incentives to its members customers while discounts also adds to products cheaper. More than 400 variety of food products, health care, home care, agriculture, horticulture and veterinary products are available

We have been passing through Covid pandemic and few products of the company are also valuable to increase the immune system of body and urge upon the citizens to use herbal, organic and ayurvedic products which do help the body to grow smoothly and also add all types of nutrition value in the human body.

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He also lauded Tayo Tallom Rending for establishing and opening the distributorship and requested him to engage local educated youths who can also get employment as well as earning for their butter and bread.

NPP President Gicho Kabak, proprietor of IMC, CFA Tayo Tallom Rending, IMC Chairman Associate Member Abjijit Dev, Chairman star Associate member Nagesh Gupta among other also address the gathering.


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