Arunachal Crisis- Guwahati HC decision is unprecedented, Rebel Congress MLAs


The rebel Congress MLAs of Arunachal have called the recent decision of the Guwahati High court as unprecedented and unjust saying that it is the first time that such a decision has been taken where the High Court has ordered to halt the action taken by a state legislative assembly. Kalikho Pul, a Leader of rebel Congress MLAs said that he and his 21 supporters MLAs will file a petition in the Guwahati High Court to clarify their situation and said that ” We have full faith in the law and we hope that the court will reverse their previous verdict after knowing the full situation” while addressing a press conference along with the other 21 rebel MLAs in Guwahati.

The court announced its verdict based on the writt petition filed by the speaker to challenge the notification given by the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh on 9th December which preponed the Assembly session to be held on the 24th of January to 16th of December.

rival congress MLAsJustice Harsh Roy of the Guwahati High Court expressed his staunch discord at the move by the Governer of Arunachal Pradesh J.P. Rajkhowa  to convene the assembly at an earlier date to remove Nabum Rebia from the post of the speaker of the assembly which would eventually lead to chief minister Nabam Tuki being voted out of his office and replaced by dissatisfied Congress MLA Kalikho Pul, calling it a violation of articles 174 and  175 of the Indian constitution at the first glance. These articles are in context of the Governer preponing the Assembly session.

However, according to the leader chosen by the 21 rebel MLAs, Kalikho Pul, the move by the governor is in no way a violation of article 174 of the Indian constitution but rather the entire decision to prepone the assembly was in full agreement with the above mentioned article and this the case he is going to present in front of the court, hoping that the court will see eye to eye once the entire situation explained.

When asked about the allegations against governor Rajkhowa, Kalikho Pul tried to clarify the matter saying that the speaker has to convene a special session of the Legislative Assembly within 14 days if any no confidence motion gains a majority and incase the speaker fails to the same then article 174 states that the governor has to right to do the same without consulting neither the chief minister nor the speaker.

Kalikho Pul flung a volley of accusitions against incumbent chief minister Nabam Tuki and blamed for the detiorating condition of the state. Elucidating what he said previously, he added  that the state’s overdraft was 449 crores in the year 2013-2014, 581 in the year 2014-2015 and 220 crores by June in the year 2015-2016 thus making very clear that the state is very well in dire straits.

Kalikho Pul also clarified to journalists present in the press conference that he and the other 21 rebel MLAs are still very well a part of the INC and will remain so in the future, adding that his grievances are with chief minister Nabam Tuki for the continuously detiorating financial condition of the state  and not with his party thus  shifting away any suspicions that he might join BJP.

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