Arunachal: Congress team of Mebo block visits flood affected Sigar and Namsing villages

Pasighat-  ( By Maksam Tayeng ) – While standing by the side of flood affected villages and sharing the grief and concern of the villagers, the Indian National Congress party Mebo block office bearers visited flood affected Sigar and Namsing villages today.

The party was led by INC Mebo block President, Karo Tayeng accompanied by senior party members like Bomken Tayeng, Karo Moyong, Natung Tayeng and others. The party donated a sum of 25000 each to both the villages for immediate relief works. Earlier today addressing the delegation the secretary of INC Mebo Block Karo Moyong appealed the senior and willing members of the party for contribution to the flood effected villages for immediate relief works upon which Bomken Tayeng donated a sum of Rs 50,000 to the INC Mebo for it’s fund meant for flood victims of Mebo Constituency.

During the visit Bomken Tayeng also donated a sum of Rs10, 000 to Sigar village for immediate relief works, while Natung Tayeng showed his concern and donating a sum of  Rs. 2500 each to both Namsing and Sigar village from their own sources, the INC Mebo block unit informed.

Meanwhile, Bansiram Pao, Group Captain retired, Mohonto Panging (Pao) Vayu Sena Medal, Colonel Hemonto Panging (Pao) Sena Medal & bar, Joyonto Panging (Pao) General Manager all from a family of Namsing village also donated a sum of Rs. 1 Lakh to the worse flood hit Namsing village.

It is worth mentioning here that the flood in Siang river has once again worst affected the villages like Namsing, Sigar, Seram and Borguli under Mebo Sub-Division here in East Siang District where the villagers have lost hundreds and thousands of lands (mostly agricultural and domestic animal grazing land etc) by flood annually since the year 2000 some 20 years ago (Popularly recalled villagers  as Chinese flood of year 2000). But despite such large scale damages to lands and villages etc including one of the region’s wildlife habitat, D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, state and central government hasn’t paid required attention yet.

According to the recent observation of a local NGO named ‘SEEANG’ which was  basically formed with an objective to save the flood hit villages of Lower Mebo villages by Mighty Siang river, government of India and state government of Arunachal Pradesh sanctions 100 and above crores of funds even for smaller or lesser affected regions/areas which is beyond the understanding of a common citizen. As Siang river, known as Tsangpo in Tibet and Brahmaputra in rest of India is a sorrow of many villages today. The recently constructed Siang flood protection bundh funded by DoNER of Rs. 35 Crores out of initially projected Rs. 100 plus crores couldn’t also tamed the rogue Siang river during its peak flood season.


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